Nevada DOT Research and Technology Review

Robert Purdy, President of Surface Pro Nevada; Scott Tracey; and Benny Dickens, President of Formulators; made a presentation at the December PEC meeting on sacrificial antigraffiti systems. Currently NDOT only calls for the nonsacrificial antigraffiti system to be used on NDOT projects. Mr. Purdy successfully challenged this idea, stating that there are situations where sacrificial antigraffiti systems are more efficient and costeffective.

Nonsacrificial antigraffiti systems are designed to be installed once every 10 years and cleaned multiple times with chemical solutions after graffiti hits without damage to the substrate, minimizing maintenance activity.

Sacrificial antigraffiti systems are designed to be installed where frequent, daily activity occurs. The surface is precoated, then a sacrificial layer is applied. After a graffiti hit occurs, the graffiti is removed by washing the surface (no harsh chemicals are needed) and then the surface is cleaned and the area re-treated with the sacrificial layer.

Las Vegas spends approximately $30,000/day for graffiti abatement. NDOT has a maintenance team dedicated to address graffiti abatement in Las Vegas. In the rural areas and City of Reno, NDOT right-of-way graffiti abatement is the responsibility of NDOT maintenance. Due to the success of Surface Pro Nevada’s Graffiti Deterrent System, NDOT is considering whether a contract with a vendor to maintain an area with such a system would be costeffective where frequent graffiti abatement is needed.

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